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Break free from the stress with a relaxing experience, through our world class spa and wellness services


Welcome to Elizabeth Spa

4 Years Of World Class Spa Services

Elizabeth Spa provides a wide range of services guaranteed to relieve stress and provide relaxation. Our expert team of internationally qualified therapists works to carefully destress your body and provide complete relaxation - from head to toe.

Our Spa services are administered using internationally accepted protocols and special care is given to the individual needs of each client. Tell us what you are looking for and prepare to be amazed as our expert team work with their magic hands!

Hot Stone Therapy

Let the tension melt away and feel your stiff muscles relax as the heated stones release the stress and stiffness locked in your body. This therapy also increases circulation and helps to improve metabolism.

Tatami Bed

Feel the difference of experiencing relaxation on our Tatami Beds. Choose from Chinese, Filipino or Thai techniques and feel the peace, serenity and relaxation flowing through your body.

Fire Cups

The perfect remedy for a high-stress life. Loosen muscles, stimulate blood flow, and sedate the nervous system to treat your high blood pressure. The therapy helps relieve anxiety, fatigue, migraines and rheumatism.

Muscle Pain Reliever

Experience the peace and tranquility that comes from complete relief from stress. Our experts are able to unlock and release the stress from deep within your muscles - providing long lasting relief.


Stress Buster

Let go of the stress after a long and hard week with our expert spa sessions. Feel the stress leaving your body with every precise stroke by our experienced therapists - in a truly relaxing ambiance.

Therapeutic Treatments

Get rid of the pains, aches and stresses that inhibit you from leading a full and successful life - through our professionaly administered therapeutic treatments.


We offer back, shoulder and neck relaxation treatments specialized for the physical requirements of athletes, working executives and other individuals with demanding schedules. Choose from our wide range of services or tell us about your body's aches and let us take care of you!

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Experience Relaxation & Pain Relief

Elizabeth Spa has been working to provide relaxation and pain relief for the last four years. Ever since the doors have opened in 2015, the Spa has become one of Dubai’s favorite destinations for individuals looking to relieve stress and fatigue after a long and grueling day.

"I love the way these girls make me feel. They are always very polite and they know their business, and the place is always bright and shining. I always walk out feeling like a brand new man!"

- Jesper Davey

"Me and my friends have made it something of a habit to drop by Elizabeth's after every game. Soccer really tires us out and a nice, refreshing session works wonders after a rough game with the lads."

- Mathias McShane

With a team of 7 world class therapists from China, Thailand and the Philippines, the Spa’s service offerings help to pamper and indulge our guests, throughout the week.

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